The Aberdeen Tavern Dinner Party Menu



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The Aberdeen Tavern Dinner Party Menu


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      DINNER  $42 - 2 courses
      APPETIZERS (choose 1)

      Caesar Salad 
      romaine, double smoked bacon, garlic croutons, parmesan

      Tavern Salad 
      mixed greens, onion, tomato, cucumber, feta, chickpeas, sherry vinaigrette 

      Wedge Salad
      green goddess, toscano cheese, spiced walnuts

      Crab Cake 
      pomodoro sauce, fennel salad 

      Tomato & Stone Fruit 
      Udderway curds, heirloom tomatoes, balsamic

      roasted heirloom carrots, spiced carrot puree, basil pistou
      MAINS (choose 1)
      Spaghetti Carbonara 
      double smoked bacon, soft poached egg, white wine cream sauce, parmesan
      broccolini, roasted peppers and Italian sausage ragu, Toscano cheese

      Aberdeen Burger 
      sesame seed bun, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheddar, tavern mayo

      roasted cauliflower and rapini, cauliflower puree, watercress salad

      Summer Squash Butter Marsala
      black eye peas, steamed rice, onion jam

      Grilled Half Chicken
      orzo, marinated tomatoes, peas, pepperoncino aioli

      roasted zucchini, pearl onions, fingerlings, sweet onion cream 
      ADD ONS:

      Onion Fritters  10.
      toasted coriander aioli

      Fried Pickles  9.
      buttermilk ranch

      Chickpea + Cauliflower Hummus 16.
      roasted cauliflower, pickled red onions, pistachio dukkah


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