About Us

 At Equal Parts Hospitality, we all come to work everyday because we love what we do. Not only do we have a passion for hospitality, great cuisine, and excellent food service, but we also have a deep affection for the city of Hamilton. Being able to contribute to the blossoming growth of this beautiful city really pushes us to be our best selves each and everyday.

We understand the importance of cultivating a diverse and dynamic landscape – this priority is why we work so hard to make each team member feel valued. Our goal is to empower each employee to grow within the company by providing them with the tools and resources they need in order to be successful.

Jerrett Young and Jason Cassis are Co-Founders & CEO’s splitting their focus on guest experience, company and community culture, as well as conceptualizing, designing, building and managing hospitality assets. Equal Parts oversees over 200 employees with an additional 90 employees being added in 2018. 

Whether it’s food, beverage, hospitality, events, activities, or staff, our overall goal is to deliver the best experience possible. With an industry that is constantly evolving, we are excited to help shape this field we all care about so much.